Accountant Dashboard

Hurdlr's Virtual Bookkeeping platform allows you to launch your own virtual bookkeeping business or embedded accounting features within days, with QuickBooks like functionality, but without the costs. Hurdlr’s proven platform is used by hundreds of accountants, virtual bookkeepers, tax preparers and Fintech platforms to efficiently service thousands of self-employed and small business clients.

1. User experience

From the Accountant Dashboard, bookkeepers can easily add new clients, perform bank reconciliations, generate/email reports, and securely log into their clients' accounts. An example of the bookkeeper experience is shown below:


2. Getting started

Hurdlr's API team is here to get you started with the Accountant Dashboard within minutes. Simply email [email protected] with the subject line of "Accountant Dashboard Registration", and provide the following info:

a. Your company's name
b. Super admin's first name
c. Super admin's last name
d. Super admin's email address


Super administrators

In addition to adding clients, which any admin can do, super admins also have the ability to add and remove bookkeepers.

Our API team will respond to you quickly with login credentials for the super admin, so that you can get going with your bookkeepers. Once you get going on that, our team will also ask you for certain assets so they can white label the experience for your clients.

3. Adding bookkeepers

Once you receive your super admin login credentials, you can simply follow these instructions to add bookkeepers to your team:

a. Log into your accountant dashboard using the credentials
b. You will be prompted to update your temporary password; please do so
c. Click on the settings cog on the top right of the header
d. Under "Team", click on "Bookkeepers"
e. In the "Bookkeepers" list, you can easily add and remove bookkeepers, as well as update their access level (Read-only, Admin, Super admin)

The bookkeeper that you invited will receive an email with their new login credentials as well as a link to their accountant dashboard.

4. Adding clients

Admins and Super admins can add clients by simply logging into their accountant dashboard and clicking on "Add Users". When adding clients, they can optionally specify the client's "business type". While optional, specifying the business type is highly recommended as Hurdlr's artificial intelligence will make smarter recommendations when it's able to take your client's business type into account.


Account provisioning API

If you would like to add users programmatically, Hurdlr has you covered. Simply email [email protected] requesting API credentials for your company, and our team will securely share your client_id and client_secret keys, which can be used to create accounts for your clients. You can find more details about inviting clients to your custom client dashboard in our Client Dashboard documentation.

5. Advanced use cases

The entire breadth of the Hurdlr API is available for your team to use in conjunction with the Accountant Dashboard. Some examples of advanced use cases include:

a. Programmatically creating default expense rules for your clients
b. Automatically generating financial reports for your clients, and sending them periodically
c. Anything you can imagine!